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Why Choose 401(k) Advisors – Arizona

We have helped many companies navigate the complex world of retirement planning for more than 30 years. Below are some of the reasons our clients choose us.

We Are Incisive and Independent.

We are a team of incisive and independent professionals supported by a highly effective consulting platform completely independent of the plan provider. Powered by proprietary technology; in-depth research; ERISA, actuarial and accounting knowledge and experience; and broad administrative resources, we offer a multitude of customized solutions for your company.

Representing Your Interests

When you serve as a plan fiduciary, as all sponsors do, you are subject to the most potent form of risk management. There is no room for agendas or preoccupied consultants. And nothing less than complete objectivity and total advocacy should be acceptable. Our clients know that we always have their best interests in mind edlekarna.cz.

Objective Advice

There are as many points of view in our business as there are 401(k) plans. If you work with a broker, he or she has allegiance under the broker-dealer and may be compensated through 12b-1 fees or providers’ wrap fees, which can be substantial.

What’s more, a broker may represent his own firm’s product, another retail provider, or even a third party administrator, casting doubt on his objectivity. From an investment perspective, brokers can be incentivized to manipulate share classes in a plan to increase compensation.

If you work with an insurance agent on your 401(k) plan, he will typically represent a specific insurance plan and will always represents its product alone. While all entities may do a fine job, recognize that each has an agenda.

In reality, the potential for conflict of interest means that many brokerage firms, brokers, and insurance agents cannot sign a contract accepting investment fiduciary status with your plan.

Consider also that a provider may require its own funds be featured in your plan’s investment mix. After all, proprietary funds are typically more profitable to them, but could be more expensive for you. Worse yet, they may be poorer performers than other alternatives.

Our clients have enjoyed many successes and feel confident in our services for the following reasons:

  1. Our compensation can come through plan assets (an approved ERISA expense) or by the plan sponsor can pay us directly. How does this benefit our clients?
    We have no basis to manipulate share classes or mutual funds.
  2. If paid through plan assets, any revenue received in excess of the fee goes back to the plan in a rebate.
  3. We negotiate a straightforward fee-for-service up front.
  4. All fees are transparent, all revenue fully disclosed

Above all, when you work with us, you can be 100 percent assured that we know which vendors provide proven, cost-effective products and solutions, and which do not. We know which vendors deliver superior sponsor and participant-related support services, and which do not. You have our word and reputation that we will execute on our mission to educate, guide and serve you.

Who, then, represents the interest of your benefits committee?

Our team is dedicated solely to qualified retirement plans, and motivated to improve plan value for both sponsors and participants.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you and your plan be more successful.

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