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Employee Financial Wellness

When managers and leaders invest in employees’ wellbeing, they are likely to influence the betterment of the organization. Studies have shown that what’s best for the employee is not at odds with what’s best for the organization. In fact, employees that believed their manager cared about them as a person are more likely to be top performers, produce higher quality work, are less likely to be sick, are less likely to change jobs, and are less likely to get injured on the job.

Through our communication and financial wellness services, you can promote increased understanding, satisfaction, and participation in contributions, asset allocation and risk tolerance.

Maximizing Retirement Success Through Education and Communication

According to the Employee Benefits Research Institute, roughly 30 percent of workers who are offered a 401(k) plan at work fail to participate in it. Worse yet, they do not make any changes to contributions or choose different investments. Why this apathy? Typically it is the result of lack of education, communication and motivation.

A well-designed 401(k) plan can help your company plan thrive. Through our communication services, you can encourage increased understanding, satisfaction, and participation in contributions, asset allocation and risk tolerance. Some of the essential elements of this service include:

  • Pre-enrollment Memos & Announcements
  • Bilingual Representatives on Staff
  • Participant Newsletters
  • Onsite Group & Individual Enrollment Meetings
  • Sample Employee Memos
  • Full Document Review & Updates

Due to lack of time and resources, many plan sponsors are unable to offer financial planning assistance to their participants. At 401(k) Advisors – Arizona, participant assistance is an essential part of our trademark service.

Financial Wellness Programs

Employers are realizing that by reducing employees’ financial stress levels and improving their overall financial wellness, they can in turn reduce costs in a number of areas that significantly impact their bottom line. According to leading research, employers can achieve an average ROI of 3:1 from their employee financial wellness programs.

Studies have shown that coupling a financial wellness program with one of physical wellness has a multiplier effect on results by increasing employee engagement, performance, productivity and morale while reducing turnover, healthcare costs, and delayed retirement costs.

There are many reasons for a company to start a financial wellness program. They can include solving short-term issues or can be more long-term in nature to create a culture where employee wellness is an important component of the company’s identity.

Below is a list of some of the potential goals for starting a Financial Wellness Program:

  • Containing health care costs
  • Reducing risk of delayed retirement
  • Reducing wage garnishments
  • Increasing loyalty to employer
  • Increasing employee benefits awareness and participation

Read more about Financial Wellness programs.

Ask your 401(k) Advisors – Arizona advisor today about how we can help you and your employees pursue Financial Wellness goals.

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